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Those who have written alerts about Martha Argerich's upcoming events are still encouraged to continue to write about new concerts or cancelled ones at this website's guestbook as well, as it will help people searching for info but who don't know where to go, and the more places with this information visible early, the better for people using Google for information.I'll be more likely to post news-updates here now when I run across any especially interesting things, so that people searching for that can find it more easily.He also talks about respecting the final sounds that might have been imagined by composers for the pianos of their time and that "pianists should become fully acquainted with old instruments, in order not simply to imitate but underline today the modernity of the composition of that period" and he plays with zest and expressiveness on today's pianos.At the time, I mentioned "surprises" were expected and wondered what they might be.Also check the Guestbook for additional events submitted by others (thanks to those too).

In the July 29 and August 22 listings, the websites involved have extras in that there is a high-quality videoclip for the July 29 one, with Argerich in 2-piano pieces (and superb Haydn by David Lively too) filmed in beautiful Pietrasanta, and a strikingly clear Chopin Concerto 1 movement in an audioclip from the CD made with Rabinovich and the Warsaw Sinfonia - Martha Argerich in two encores from the Los Angeles Philharmonic broadcast of the Ravel Piano Concerto in G - available online until about June 20.- Pogorelich subs for Martha Argerich in Tokyo at the Suntory Hall concert on Wednesday, April 28, 2010, in Tokyo, Japan, which is part of the Orchestra's 2010 Tour of Asia.Martha Argerich withdrew due to personal family reasons, and her Ravel Concerto in G will be replaced by the Chopin's Piano Concerto No. - New Argerich videoclips - BRIEF Schumann rehearsal clip from Seoul where she is today and the Liszt Totentanz (Audio Only) that she did with Barenboim in Paris in 1986, Part 1 and Part 2. Also, - Video - Martha Argerich Uncovered - a Euronews videoclip of Argerich in a rare interview with the news organization, which I saw via a news alert.Click on the video-still when you get there, to start it. - Audio - Martha Argerich plays Prokofiev's Piano Sonata No. There has long been a prepared link to easily find Martha Argerich videoclips online, at both Vimeo and You Tube, in the menu box above.

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