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"Maybe they think that I killed Den."He figured police would learn that wasn't the case, and he'd be sent to the juvenile center for burglary. He, Sparks and Sharp stayed in jail for the next nine months, awaiting trial for murder. 22, 2013, the three teens who hadn't pleaded guilty waited in a room while their families waited outside the courthouse. ""We just kept going over and over it," April Sparks said, "how wrong we thought it was."The following month, Layman and Sharp were sentenced to 55 years in prison.Sparks, who was not inside the house when the shooting happened, was sentenced to 50 years.Ryan Dvorak, a Democrat from South Bend whose district includes Elkhart."We'll have to wait and see what the ruling is," he said.Dvorak said he thinks most people would agree that those who engage in violent behaviors that cause death should be held liable. Sparks and Layman said they are optimistic the Supreme Court will overturn their conviction.He grabbed his handgun and ran loudly downstairs, hoping to scare away the intruders."That's when I noticed that Danzele was shot and I was shot," Layman told The Star. Layman, who was shot in the leg, remembers apologizing several times."Sorry, sorry," he told Scott, who told them to stay in the closet.Sparks, who had been outside and had heard loud bangs, said he got a call from Quiroz while they were inside."Someone was hurt. He made it to the kitchen and Scott, pointing a gun at him, told him to get out of his house, Sparks said. When police arrived and Scott looked away, Quiroz jumped out the bedroom window.Speaking generally, Hill said he doesn't think the use and application of Indiana's felony murder statute is unfair."What we call felony murder contemplates the unintended consequences of an inherently dangerous act. "You don't get to felony murder unless you have the inherently dangerous act."Criticisms abound, but changes are scarce O'Neill, the John Marshall law professor, said the felony murder charge has created many convoluted cases and spurred criticism from the academic world.

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October 2013: Layman, Sharp and Sparks filed notices of appeal in the Indiana Court of Appeals, asking for the overturn of their conviction. 12, 2014: The court of appeals upheld their conviction, but ruled that their sentences were inappropriate.The court of appeals later decided to suspend 10 years of Layman's and Sharp's sentences and five years of Spark's.Many question felony murder charge Some are critical of Hill's decision to pursue felony murder charges.If that happens, Sparks said he wants to study to become a mortician.Layman plans to marry his fiancee and move out of Elkhart.

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