Prince harry dating chelsy davy again

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When pictures of him cavorting in Las Vegas were first published, it sent his female admirers into a frenzy and the Royal Family into crisis mode.

He'd been on a boys' trip to Sin City, eager to let off some steam.

We knew these two couldn't stay apart for too long.

It looks like Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy rediscovered some old feelings during their reunion at the Princess Eugenie's bday party last March.

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Scholars say it may have had something to do with this dress: When Chelsy and Harry split in 2010, she returned to Zimbabwe to escape the trolls.

After spending the afternoon gallivanting in a pool with margaritas and bikini-clad women on tap, Harry and his mates retreated back to room 2401 at the Wynn Hotel to continue the revelry (a seven thousand dollar a night suite that comes complete with its own butler, private lift, massage table and, of course, a billiards table).

Harry was the life and soul of the party, with one attendee later claiming he was giving "random naked hugs" and playing air guitar.

While here in the United States, some of us were left wondering where our invite to the party was.

For the establishment back in the UK, it was acutely embarrassing and a subdued Harry was forced to flee back to his homeland and face the music.2012 was meant to be a year of global celebration for the family and not global disrepute.

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