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In many cases, the culprit behind all these problems isn't so much the Internet as your Wi-Fi connection.And while most people don't know it, it's possible and even easy to improve your home's Wi-Fi performance, often dramatically. Wi-Fi works like a tiny radio station in your home.If there's a drop-down menu such as shown in the picture, select the new channel you want to change to.If the current channel number is something you have to enter into a field, just type it to change it to your new channel. Now you've set your Wi-Fi "broadcaster" (the router) to transmit at a clear new station that nobody else is using.And soup to nuts, this can all be done in just a few minutes.Step one of your free Wi-Fi upgrade is find out which nearby networks might be causing interference.Video streaming is here to stay, but unfortunately, circa 2012 it's still much better in theory than in practice.Many if not most of us who choose to watch streamed movies on a TV rather than PC end up living with some pretty unpredictable experiences, to put it charitably.

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It also includes, of course, all the different Wi-Fi devices you have in your house.As you do when you listen to the radio, you want to receive the clearest possible broadcast of your wanted station, while experiencing the least interference from other stations.Unlike radio, however, Wi-Fi works in a very narrow frequency range, and depending on how many people around you are also using Wi-Fi, interference is inevitable.Ironically, the worst interference could easily be coming from your neighbors and their Wi-Fi networks.This is especially true in multi-unit dwellings like condos, townhouses and apartments, where perhaps dozens of other Wi-Fi networks are constantly operating nearby.

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