Flouridating water

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In the case of Arsenic, 43% of samples tested detected its presence.These nine constituents must be included in the Certificate of Analysis provided to the fluoridating water system.As provided in State law (19-4-11) counties have authority to enact such ordinances if a majority of the voters, in an election in the area, approve the addition or removal of fluoride added to the drinking water.In both counties an election was held and the voters approved the addition of fluoride.The concentrations of these constituents should not be compared to drinking water standards.

The results of Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium Chromium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Selenium, and Thallium reported in the Certificate of Analysis measure the concentration of these constituents as impurities in the concentrated fluoride supply.Consequently both counties enacted ordinances and the Davis and Salt Lake county health departments promulgated regulations governing fluoridation.During the 2013 Legislative session a bill was passed and signed into law regarding the fluoridation of drinking water supplies in Davis and Salt Lake counties.The NSF is a recognized national authority on the safety of products used for the drinking water supply industry, among other fields.The Division of Drinking Water references NSF Standards throughout its Rules.

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